Solo Exhibition


BLACKBOARD PAINTINGS  –  JUMALDI ALFI EXHIBITION.  PartNER Yogyakarta as the organization who is  responsible for managing exhibition program at  LATAR art space located at BTPN Tower in Jakarta. delighted to announce the solo exhibition of Jumaldi Alfi, Blackboards painting on 20 april – 13 july 2018. Jumaldi Alfi is a cofounder and member of Jendela Art Group – Indonesia’s most prominent contemporary art collective. In its early phases in the mid 1990s, the group attracted attention with works removed from socio-political themes and the technical sophistication located in realist painting and associated ‘grand narratives’. Instead, works produced by the group displayed extreme naïvism, oscillating between meaningless ‘doodles’ and the contrast of formalism – drawing exclusively on minimal visual elements of line, color and texture. In 2010, Alfi co-founded the Artists Collective, Office For Contemporary Art International in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.