PartNER Yogyakarta Proud to be a part of the opening of the Astra Tower on 20 February 2019. Being on the national axis, making the Astra Gallery in the Astra Tower a strategic National storefront and easily accessible to the public of Jakarta. In the future, Astra Gallery is expected to become a media to be able to promote the richness of Indonesia's best arts and crafts and also to become astra's track record in developing Indonesia.

The Astra Gallery was designed in the visual expression of the work of senior Indonesian artists, Mangu Putra, Heri Dono, Chusin Setiadikara, Agus Suwage, and Dolorosa Sinaga sculpture. The five artists collaborated with Budi Lim Architect as commanders, discussing the concept of design, expression content and the implementation of permanent works at the Astra Gallery. In addition to permanent works, several works from these five artists are also exhibited in this inauguration which is useful to observe. The existence of the Astra Gallery is a strategic step to build sensitivity to the value of art, not only for employees or corporate guests, but also projected to be accessible to the general public.

The artists involved in this exhibition are artists who already have a reputation and a long career journey. Dolorosa Sinaga, a sculptor with principles; the work of educating the intellectual, space, and mass are artistic bets, art lecturers and human rights, activists. Mangu Putra, a painter who has a strong and high sensitivity to the socio-cultural environment and passion for technical exploration and visual ideas of the work. Heri Dono, an artist who is very familiar with various types of mediums, can always offer unique concepts with charming artistic execution. Chusin Setiadikara, possessing an obsession and the ability to detail tremendously frame the face of our society, invites us to see society in a calm and not arrogant way. Agus Suwage, an artist who is very dynamic, full of ideas and never stays in the business of exploring the inspiration of new artistic expressions. The works of artists on display offer a variety of narratives to us. The narration that never finishes and will continue to move despite challenges. In this exhibition, they complement each other, frame things together with very diverse perspectives in reinterpreting ASTRA's journey in Indonesia.