Organized by Kersan Art Foundation collaborates with OFCA International and PartNER Yogyakarta, two artists Avon Bashida (Denmark) and Throngkiuba (India) were invited for two months artist-in-residence at Sarang Building I, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Both artists will be presenting their works in their solo exhibition on 6 – 16 March 2018. 
Throngkiuba (b.1991) is an Indian artist who works on environmental degradation due to natural causes, excavation, industrialization, globalization, etc. In order to justify his artworks based on the concept and subjectivity, he used materials that are used primarily in house construction such as putty, CaCo3 (calcium Carbonate), adhesive, exterior emulsion primer, strainers, enamel paint either on stretch and un-stretch canvas. His ideas and perspective towards works is an integration excavated from the aerial view from multiple angles, internet and recently amalgamated with palmistry since it reveals one’s life by reading hands and he tries to interpret and associate with our planet earth’s life. He aims to stimulate mysteries and create a sense of delightful yet destructive appearance.
He would be working focus on enhancing his works through visually exploring and studying Topography, research archives and borrowing the iconography of maps, and geological charts, concerning climate change over the years, urbanization and population growth


Avon Bashida, (b.1986 Copenhagen, Denmark) has a background in photography and video, she studied Masters in Performance Studies at Tisch School of the Arts, New York University. Themes of female visibility are prominent in Bashida’s performances and documented in her photography and video, questioning identity, intimacy, and self-reflection. Bashida, and the women in her work have the choice to either be absent from representation or nakedly, vulnerably present. These choices powerfully document the role of the female, with its many conditions attached, in the twenty-first century.