'SAYA' .

An exhibition by Choi youngEun 

14 October – 17 November 2018 

SaRanG Building, Yogyakarta.


"Now that I'm just in my mid-thirties I become concerned about marriage and the life of a married woman. The friends who dream about the future together became someone's wife and mother of children. They said they have a happy family life changed a lot. Their wishes are to sleep well at night or to have free time to have a cup of coffee. They said every single day is too busy, but that she seemed to have disappeared.

And while staying in Jogja, I wondered about the lives of women here. As a matter of short observation, the awareness of women in social and cultural terms is conservative and their activities are limited. I contacted nine ordinary local married women and give them a disposable camera, and I asked them to tell their stories with photos. Not as someone's wife, not as someone's mother. SAYA. Regardless of the outcome, I hoped that they would be able to get away from repetitive routines and enjoy their own time, who they had forgotten for a while. And I photographed their portraits. They say that they are ordinary people, but I wanted to tell them how great and beautiful her life is with only one in the world.

. 'SAYA' an exhibition of Choi youngEun from her residency at SaRanG Building organized by Kersan art foundation and PartNER Yogyakarta.