Lauren Herbison is the recipient of the 2019 studio residency award at the Sarang Building. Lauren Herbison, Playscape, 2018, Mild steel, Chalk, Installation detail, Image courtesy of the artist. Grounded by honesty and a personal tone, Lauren Herbison’s artistic practice investigates the relationship between site, sculpture, and encounter. Her practice places a focus on the activation of forms and materials through the viewer's intuited engagement within her installations. Comprised of charged sculptural elements, Lauren’s sensibility largely deals with potential and materiality through a language of drawing and sculptural installation. Lauren's work is always thought of in relation to the viewer's body, and how the spatial interactions that occur in her installations draw one closer to an immediate, felt and imaginative experience. Lauren’s practice asks us to consider materials with a lighthearted approach to questions around agency and potential in the contemporary moment.

Artistic Concept

Melbourne-based artist Lauren Herbison presents Skip, Spin, Step, a solo exhibition at SaRanG Building. The exhibition is the outcome of a seven-week-long residency the artist has undertaken in Yogyakarta. The latest iteration of sculptures builds upon the artist’s methodology that examines an installation’s capacity for play and affects within the gallery space. Engaging with the honest nature of drawing, Lauren provides a series of sculptural elements to place the viewer in an immersive installation. Utilizing drawing as a conceptual starting point, Lauren captures the immediacy of the gesture, by tracing a direct process from mapping on the page to tangible material articulation.

What is most primary to Lauren is the viewer's encounter with her objects. By examining the spatial perimeters, Lauren works to create harmony between site, viewer and static sculpture, resulting in a charged kinetic presence throughout the gallery. The viewer’s body and their movement through the site are at the forefront of Laurens’ spatial compositions. It is at the experiential level that the viewer may come closer to that which is intuitive, playful and engaging about Lauren's work.  For Lauren, honesty, playfulness, and intuition in the space of direct experience, is precisely the antidote to academic formalism seen in contemporary installation practice. By honoring these widely known and non-linguistic themes, Lauren may re-establish the gallery as an accessible site.

The community of art practice in Yogyakarta has proven to share a sentiment of honesty, with its appreciation of simplistic materials and methodologies. This has allowed Lauren to gain invaluable exposure and encouragement to continue her work

Yogyakarta,13 September 2019

Samuel Pierlot